Mt. Tom from the Old Millpond

Mt. Tom from the Tungsten Hills, 30x36, oil/canvas, Robert Clunie

Mt. Tom from the Tungsten Hills, 30×36, oil/canvas, Robert Clunie

More than 40 years ago, Robert Clunie set up his easel at the old Millpond, north of Ed Powers Road. The view from that location is 360 degrees of beauty, but Clunie chose to face west, towards the Tungsten Hills and Mount Tom, with its massive triangular shape dominating the Sierra Crest.

Our friends will know this view, looking across the rabbit brush and sage to the deep canyon in the Tungstens and its trail, now a road, that led to the mining district. It is interesting to note, that Clunie painted what clearly appears to be meadow land, extending from his vantage point across the sandy alluvium to the hills.

We are pleased to offer this painting for sale from the original family who purchased it from Robert Clunie, more than 40 years ago.

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