Robert Clunie’s Lanterns

Dietz lantern

Robert Clunie’s Dietz camp lantern

As evening enveloped the last orange light of alpenglow and the starry night’s darkness settled upon the Robert Clunie’s camp at Fifth Lake, he lit one of his lanterns and hung it on the framework of his canvas tent. Clunie used a variety of different lanterns at his High Sierra camp, one of which is the Dietz D-Lite large fount lantern pictured above, manufactured in New York by the Dietz Company (the lanterns are now manufactured in China). This old lantern, brought back by the USFS from Robert Clunie’s camp spent many a night illuminating the artist’s camp sharing company with such historic notables in the art and climbing world as Norman Clyde, Edgar Payne, Ansel Adams, Cedric Wright, Smoke Blanchard and George Demont Otis, to name a few.

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